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KLG Jones was contracted to provide retro commissioning services to Clemson University for the HVAC systems in the Fluor Daniel Engineering Innovation Building.

The retro-commissioning included the conversion of the building’s reheat valves from pneumatic control to DDC control through the installation of wireless thermostats and DDC controllers.The intent of the retro-commissioning was threefold:

• To inspect the systems and make recommendations to fix problems and ensure that systems are operating efficiently and in accordance with the design intent.

• To identify opportunities to save energy in the building.

• To functionally test the equipment and systems after all accepted repairs and energy conservation measures are implemented.
The scope of work was planned in two phases. Phase I was to conduct a thorough energy audit and inspection of the building systems and provide recommendations for repairs, upgrades and modifications to the systems to enhance performance and improve energy efficiency. Phase II was to functionally test all of the systems after the DDC conversion and after the system energy conservation measures had been implemented. Energy conservation measures included converting the constant volume reheat system to a variable volume reheat, installation of variable speed drives on the air handling units, repair of energy recovery systems, tuning control loops, and implementing economizer sequences and time of day schedules. The results of the retro-commissioning program are reflected in the chart below: