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Yerkes National Primate Research Center
Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia

YerkesThe new Yerkes primate research facility at Emory University consists of a new 5-story, 91,256 SF research laboratory building which houses vivarium spaces for several species, cage washing, laboratories (both wet and electronic), testing, administrative and support spaces. The project achieved a LEED silver certification. All of the labs are air conditioned and achieve pressurization control through the use of manifolded variable volume supply and exhaust systems using Phoenix air valves. Labs contain a mixture of biosafety cabinets and fume hoods. KLG Jones provided full commissioning services to support the LEED certification and the requirements of the Owner’s commissioning program. Services included design reviews, commissioning specifications, a commissioning plan, precommissioning check lists, functional

performance testing, final commissioning, Owner’s training and final documentation.

Systems commissioned include HVAC, plumbing, electrical, fire alarm, and security systems. Systems included chillers, cooling towers, steam and hot water boilers, energy recovery custom air-handling systems, laboratory systems, fume hoods, VAV lab exhaust systems, VAV terminals, pumps, HEPA filtration unit, fire pump and controller, emergency generator and automatic transfer switchgear.
Services Provided

O'Neal Inc.

Atlanta, Georgia

Project Size
91,256 sq ft

Construction Cost
$21 Million

Systems Commissioned
  • HVAC Systems
  • Central Plant
  • Electrical
  • Emergency Power
  • Laboratory Exhaust Systems
  • Pressurization Control
  • Security
  • Fire Alarm