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Greenville County Schools, Greenville, South Carolina

greenville_scd The School District of Greenville County, South Carolina, decided to undertake a massive $1 Billion building program to replace or renovate over sixty schools district wide. Due to the size of the program, limited maintenance resources within the district, and a long history of taking ownership of new buildings that didn’t work, the School District and the program manager, Institutional Resources, decided to fully commission the MEP systems on all of the projects.

KLG Jones was selected to provide the commissioning services. The first task was to help the District achieve consistency in design and ensure conformance with the design guidelines through design reviews at the schematic, design development and construction document phases. Monthly commissioning visits were made to each job site during construction to review the work in progress and to monitor compliance with the contract documents.

The commissioning teams prepared pre-commissioning check lists and functional performance tests for all of the installed equipment. Prior to functional testing the systems were balanced and the test and balance reports were validated through random sampling techniques. After conducting all of the functional testing, the commissioning agents organized all of the owner training which was videotaped for future reference by the District. The final reports were scanned to CDs along with drawings, O&M manuals, T&B reports and shop drawings. The files are loaded on the school district servers so the maintenance data can be accessed by computer from anywhere in the district.
Services Provided


Greenville, SC

Project Size
High Schools - 14
Middle Schools - 15
Elementary Schools - 18
Career Development Centers - 3
Child Development Centers - 4
Fine Arts Center - 1
Science Center - 1
Special Needs Schools - 2
LEED Registered Schools - 1

Construction Cost
$1 Billion

Systems Commissioned
  • HVAC Systems
  • Central Plant
  • Electrical
  • Emergency Power