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Benefits of Retro Commissioning

  • Improved Operation
  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Increased Occupant Satisfaction
  • Improved Maintenance
  • Maximized Operating Efficiency
  • Lower Utility Bills

Many buildings experience high energy costs...

...and problems with temperature control and indoor air quality, long term maintenance problems, mold and moisture intrusion and other operational issues. All are candidates for retro-commissioning which can provide attractive and sometimes dramatic financial returns to building owners.

Retro-commissioning (RCx) is a systematic, documented process, often combined with level I, II or III energy audits, that identifies low to medium cost operational and maintenance improvements in existing buildings to reduce utility costs, improve maintenance, enhance occupant comfort and to restore buildings to peak operating efficiency based on the current usage. Retro-commissioning typically focuses on energy consuming equipment such as mechanical systems, lighting and system controls. Generally existing system performance is optimized rather than relying on major equipment replacement. Typical results include lower utility bills, improved indoor air quality, improved occupant comfort and resource efficiency.

KLG Jones brings years of experience along with a large inventory of calibrated test and balance equipment to systematically and efficiently optimize building systems.

Retro Commissioning Case Study 1

Fluor Daniel Engineering Innovation Bldg., Clemson University
Case study on retrocommissioning services provided to Clemson University for the HVAC systems in the Fluor Daniel Engineering Innovation Building.

Retro Commissioning Case Study 2

Buena Vista Elementary School Retro Commissioning, Greenville County School District, Greenville, SC
Case study on full retro commissioning services for the HVAC systems in Buena Vista Elementary due to the high energy costs relative to other schools.