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Mecklenburg Jail Central, Charlotte, NC

mecklenburg-jail Charlotte’s new 1800 bed intake and detention center provides a single-cell, direct supervision facility within the constraints of a prominent downtown government complex. The building was built in two phases. Phase I contains 1000 beds and Phase II provided an additional 960 beds.

A central plant, located in the basement of the facility, provides chilled and hot water to cool and heat the building. Three 800-ton water-cooled centrifugal chillers are manifolded together to meet the cooling demand and provide redundant capacity. Three gas fired hot water boilers are utilized to heat the building, and two steam boilers provide steam to the large kitchen for cooking and dishwashing. Large variable volume central station air-handling units located in the penthouse are designed to provide normal cooling, economizer mode cooling, and smoke evacuation and control for all areas of the building. The units are controlled by a full DDC control system interlocked with the building fire alarm system.

A VAV distribution system supplies air to the dayrooms, cells and administrative areas. All stairwells and vestibules are pressurized to meet the requirements for high-rise construction.

Full commissioning services were provided for the mechanical and electrical systems including specifications, site inspections, pre-functional test sheets, functional performance testing, smoke evacuation system testing and training of maintenance staff.
Services Provided

Little and Associates

Charlotte, North Carolina

Number of Beds
Phase I - 1,000; Phase II - 960

Construction Cost
$100 Million

Systems Commissioned
  • HVAC Systems
  • Central Plant
  • Electrical
  • Emergency Power
  • Smoke Evacuation