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Lucent Technologies, Miramir, FL

miramar The Lucent Technologies Miramar, Florida facility is a 4-story, 229,000 square foot computer research and development complex. The mixed-use structure contains office spaces, laboratories, computer rooms, UPS rooms, mechanical rooms, a fitness center and a full service kitchen. Mechanical and electrical systems were designed for full redundancy and fail-safe operation. High-density computer racks were arranged in hot aisle/cold aisle configuration. Leibert overhead cooling systems were installed to cool the aisles in addition to the conventional underfloor systems.

KLG Jones provided full commissioning services, including design review, commissioning specifications, construction inspection, pre-commissioning

checklists, functional performance testing and failure mode testing for all critical systems, owner’s training and system documentation. Systems commissioned included the central plant with water cooled centrifugal chillers, cooling towers, boilers, emergency generators, UPS systems, electrical distribution, Liebert computer room air-conditioning systems, air-handling units, DDC control system, pre-action fire protection systems, lighting and VAV systems serving the office areas.
Services Provided

Veenendaal Cave Inc.

Miramar, Florida

Project Size
229,000 square feet

Construction Cost
$$140 Million

Systems Commissioned
  • HVAC Systems
  • Central Plant
  • Electrical
  • Emergency Power
  • UPS Systems
  • Fire Protection
  • Failure Mode Testing