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Cleveland Manufacturing Plant, Mt. Holly Manufacturing Plant, Gastonia Parts Plant

Daimler Daimler Trucks North America commissioned KLG Jones to provide investigation, design and commissioning services to improve the operation and the energy efficiency of the central utility plants in three of the Freightliner truck manufacturing facilities.

The Cleveland Manufacturing Facility central plant contains 6 centrifugal chillers with a combined capacity of 10,000 tons, and the facility was having significant cooling problems. KLG Jones installed data loggers on all of the primary/secondary/ tertiary pumping loops and determined that only half of the chiller capacity was being delivered to the air handling equipment in the three major buildings on site. KLG Jones redesigned the entire central plant, removed the secondary pumping loop, converted the tertiary loop into a secondary loop, put frequency drives on all secondary pumps, changed three-way valves to two-way valves on all air handling units, and added a small chiller to serve the office area. On completion of the work all of the chiller and air handling systems will be fully commissioned. The work will result in significant energy savings and improved operation of the central plant. KLG Jones is providing similar services for the Mt. Holly plant.

KLG Jones provided full commissioning services for the Gastonia Parts Manufacturing plant central plant, the process condenser water loop and the chilled water system serving the powder coat lines.
Services Provided
- Investigation - Design - Commissioning

North Carolina

Project Size
1.5 Million sq ft

Construction Cost
$89 Million

Systems Commissioned
  • Central Chilled Water Plants
  • Process Cooling Loops