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The Greenville County School District hired KLG Jones to provide full retro-commissioning services for the HVAC systems in Buena Vista Elementary due to the high energy costs relative to other schools in the district, even though the systems were relatively new and sophisticated.

The retro-commissioning process began with an ASHRAE Level II energy audit of the building to identify energy savings opportunities and to determine if the building was operating in accordance with the original design intent. The operation of the entire HVAC system was verified through functional testing and trending with data loggers to determine if the equipment was functioning in accordance with the proper sequences, if control loops were tuned and if all analog inputs were calibrated. KLG Jones calibrated the analog inputs for the entire system including 55 zone CO2 detectors, 60+ zone thermostats, zone humidistats and outside air sensors. The controls were reprogrammed for the dedicated outside air unit, the air handling units and the central plant. The maintenance staff repaired equipment and controls that were found to be non-functional. Extensive training of the maintenance staff in the proper operation of the system was provided.

The entire process resulted in the documented energy savings of over 25% in annual electrical bills and over 60% in annual gas bills. The retro-commissioning fees were paid for in two months of energy savings.